Television has been an important way for people to receive their entertainment and information directly to their homes for decades. Today, the companies that provide these services are under a lot of pressure to improve how services are delivered, the quality of what they offer and to lower the costs to receive that programming.

The current developments in audio and video are making it easier for people to watch what they want, when and where they want. This has freed up families from having to gather around one central TV, hoping everyone will enjoy what is chosen. Cable and satellite companies as well as numerous websites are making more content available for streaming on a multitude of devices.

What is being repeatedly discussed is that people are fed up with being forced into contracts, or made to pay for 100 channels they never watch, just to have the half dozen they care about. Many of the viewers who have become frustrated with the process are canceling their satellite or cable services and are choosing to watch TV shows online.

Obviously, cable and satellite companies are not going to give up. Changes are being made in the industry to make it easier for live streaming through the boxes provided by the cable companies. They are offering discounts and considering a la carte programs, so people will only pay for the channels they actually want. On demand programming has increased with more shows and more channels available than ever.

In addition, cable and satellite companies are attempting to make their services more interactive, something that makes online sites appealing to many. This includes the ability to pause and rewind live TV, to restart programs entirely and DVRs that make it possible to record one show while watching another.

More changes are in development to adjust how entertainment is made available to the average viewer. This includes the issues of advertising, the reliability and quality of the services and the costs that have been continuously rising over the last few years. Since many corporations only listen when customers finally decide to stop paying, the migration away from many traditional services is speeding up the rate new ideas are arriving.